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Osha electronic reporting delay Form: What You Should Know

Workplace injury data and injury information submitted to OSHA in 2016 Employees are required to submit information on injuries, illnesses and work injuries to OSHA by December 15, 2017. In November,  Under the new rules, OSHA will collect Injury Tracking Application (ITA) data once a year from establishments with more than 100 total employees. The agency is seeking  OSHA Form 300A data will continue to require establishments to submit injury data to OSHA and will continue to be required for establishments with more than 100 total employees. Workplace injury data and injury information submitted to OSHA in 2016 Existing OSHA Form 301 Incident Report data will continue to require the submission of the injury data by businesses. However, The  ITA will replace the Form 300A form. Employer Reporting Requirements Under the General Duty to Protect in  Revised  Occupational Health and Safety (OE HHS)  OSHA is the only Federal agency empowered to inspect, test and evaluate all workplaces.  Employers are required under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (the “ASH Act”) to submit certain data regarding workplace safety and health to OSHA. The  Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for keeping OSHA informed about workplace safety and health. OSHA, the Nation's primary federal agency designed to establish and enforce workplace safety and health standards and establish requirements for the workplace safety and health of workers and job applicants, shall collect, maintain, and respond to employer reports of noncompliance with these OSHA standards.  The rule making proceeding will be conducted using the standard rule making design for all rule making matters.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Osha electronic reporting delay

Instructions and Help about Osha electronic reporting delay

All right, it is 1:30 and we're getting ready to start the OSHA record-keeping reporting webinar. As we go through this, I will go over some basic controls on how to run things on your screen. In the top left corner, you should have a little tab bar, and on there, there's an orange arrow that is the grab tab. This allows you to open and close all your controls. You've also got a mute/unmute button, indicated by a green microphone. Additionally, there's a web camera button, although I'm not sure what happens if you turn that on. By default, it is off. There's also a hand raised button, which may be the best way to ask me a question as we're going through this. Another way to ask questions is through your microphone, although it may not always work. The best way overall is to either raise your hand or type in the chat screen at the bottom of your control bar. From there, you can send it directly to me, to the entire audience, or to another attendee. Now, let's discuss the materials for today. You should have a materials drop-down menu, which includes seven different items. It consists of an actual excel spreadsheet, OSHA log, ocean three hundred, go 301, and you 380. It also contains directions for the electronic record-keeping, although it is not currently up and running. If you are unable to access or download these materials, please contact me and I will provide copies for you. The purpose of the OSHA record-keeping, specifically the OSHA log, is to require employees to record and report work-related fatalities, injuries, or illnesses. The main use of this information is for a Bureau of Labor Statistics survey, which determines the average injury rate based on your NAICS number...